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Home of FreeBSD 4.8 on one 8.5 Gb DVD

We donate significant part of our revenue derived from FreeBSD related Products to The FreeBSD Foundation! At least 10% of money you pay for FreeBSD products on this website go to support FreeBSD development process.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you are interested in Open Source and Shareware software distributed on DVD media you are in the right place. At the moment we are shipping FreeBSD 4.8 on DVD.

DVD is a very convenient media not only for video it can be used for storing and distribution of software too. Most modern computers are equipped with a DVD-ROM drive and able to read DVD-ROM disks and even boot from it. DVD-ROM disks may store as much information as 7 CDs (4.7 Gb, DVD5, DVD-R, one side, one layer); 13 CDs (8.5 Gb DVD9, single side, double layer) or even 26 CDs (17 Gb; DVD18, double side, double layer). We currently produce DVD titles on 8.5 Gb double layer disks and have plans to publish a few titles on 17Gb disk during 2003.

This DVD is manufactured by UNIXDVD.COM LTD on state of the art professional equipment. It is packed in an attractive "Amaray" case, just like a movie DVD, with cool artwork and booklet. There is 8.5 gigabytes of software on this disk. The disk contains FreeBSD 4.8 RELEASE with all installation files and most packages from FreeBSD ports collection in source distfiles form as well as corresponding precompiled packages. Of course, this DVD is bootable. Virtually all available space, 8.5 Gb, on this DVD is filled. It contains all you need to install and run FreeBSD and there are no more CD swapping or slow downloads.